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Mrs Vijaya Lakshmi Pandit

Vijaya Lakshmi Pandit (18 August 1900 – 1 December 1990) was an Indian diplomat and politician who was the first female elected to 6th Governor of ...

Muharram Festival

Muharram is celebrated as the advent of the Islamic New Year by participating Muslims around the globe. It is regarded as a pious and important festival by the community. ... Muharram also marks the anniversary of the battle of Karbala

Muharram festival

the Muharram festival, which was held on the tenth day of Muharram, the first month ... Muslims, Muharram remained a central part of the Islam of Indentured workers ...

Natal Indian Association deputation at Cape Town

A South African Indian deputation, supported by Sir Jamshetji Jeejibhoy and ... The Federation repudiates the Cape Town Agreement, as it is opposed to the ...

Natal Indian Youth Congress at the opening of the Himalaya Hotel

From left, 2nd Baboo Seedat (nephew of AKM Docrat); 4th Prem Meharchand, Chairman (brother of Oom Meharchand); 5th Yakoob Khan, Secretary; 6th Billy Nair (NIC); 7th Paul Mohan

Natal Sugar Belt

The Natal Coastal Belt,owing to its peculiar environment and comparative isolation from the remainder of the country, presents ... rise until 1960, and absolute decline only occurred in ... the North coast, twenty-seven sugar mills were in opera-.

Native Huts - Conference - Rhodesia

British South Africa Company in 1889 to rule Rhodesia, on the grounds that the colony ...

Native Huts - Conference - Rhodesia

Colony of Southern Rhodesia was a land-locked ........

Nelson Mandela and Nana Sita

Nelson Mandela and Nana Sita

Old Train Illovo Sugar c. 1905

In the early 1900s, 2 ft (610 mm) narrow-gauge railway lines started playing a significant role in ... Many defunct locomotives are plinthed at various former railway station sites or work ...

Old train in Sugar Fields

Trains were used to transport sugar cane

OR Tambo and President Samora Machel at the rally commemorating the Matola Massacre, 1981

Both president of the ANC Oliver Tambo and president of Mozambique Samora Machel condemned the killings. In the inaugural commemoration of ...

P. I. Devan

In 1968, the government set up the South African Indian Council to make recommendations to the government about matters affecting...

Painting Arrival of Indians

Painting of Arrival of Indians in Natal

Painting of Sugar and other occupations of Indentured Indians in Natal

By 1904, there were over 1 300 employers of indentured Indians in Natal.

Part of the Crowd

1860 Commemorations at Durban on the 16th November 1980 - Saiva Sithantha Sungum

Part of the crowd

1860 Commemorations at Durban on the 16th November 1980 - Saiva Sithantha Sungum

Part of the Crowd

1860 Commemorations at Durban on the 16th November 1980 - Saiva Sithantha Sungum

Pass to Indians

In South Africa, pass laws were a form of internal passport system designed to segregate the ...

Passive Resistance - 50th Anniversary

Exactly 50 years ago to this day, a gallant group of men and women defied the latest racist laws inflicted upon one of our disenfranchised peoples.


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