Ntuli Jabulani

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Two Zulu homestead

WCP 1053 Two Zulu Homestead, one in right other left centre with groups of warriors between engaged in contest.

LIne of worriors

WCP 1050 Line of warriors approaching from right to Zulu homestead on left, seated group and others in foreground.

Zulu homestead with three worriors

WCP 1049 Zulu homestead with three warriors in front and army behind

Two worriors approaching one another.

WCP 1043 Two warriors approaching one another Zulu  homestead and many people visible in the backgruond.



Group od worrior in traingular formation.

WCP 1042 Group of warrior in triangular formation awaiting approach .

Many seated figures watching skills between two worriors

WCP 1045 Many  seated figures watching skills between the two worriors. Zulu homestead in background.

Small group of worriors surrounding Zulu hut

WCP 1040 Small group of warriors surrounding Zulu hut

Skiming of zulu worriors

WCP 1039 Skiming of zulu worriors

Two men and a woman outside a zulu hut

WCP 1037 Two men and a woman outside a Zulu hut.

Chief homestead being surronded by worriors

WCP 380

Zulu homestead with dance contes outside

WCP 1035

Dancing contest with Zulu homestead in foreground

WCP 288 Dancing contested with Zulu homestead in foreground

Line of the worriors approaching a chief and in homestead

WCP 969

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