Natal Indian Congress

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Memorandum submitted by the Natal Indian Congress to JC Smuts

Natal Indian Congress memorandum

Memorandum Submitted by the N.I.C. - 8 to 10 Feb 1946

N.I.C. documents

Memorandum presented by the Stanger and District Branch

Re: Natal Indian Judicial Commission.

We enclose herewith copy of Memorandum presented to the Natal Indian Judicial Commission by our Branch of Congress

Memorandum on Public Health

The Indian population in the municipal area of Durban, according to census figures of 1936, was 80,486, being one-third of the City. Including the added areas the Indian population is at present estimated at 92,183....

Memorandum on Indian Education in Natal

The Natal Indian Congress, the National Organisation of the Indian People.....

Memorandum on Epilepsy, Deafness, Blindness and similar Physical Defects submitted to the Natal Indian Judicial Commission

Gentlemen, 'The Terms of Reference' of your Commission affirm that your enquiry apart from other factors is to enquire into and report upon:-

Memorandum on Education

An enquiry into the measure of social advancement made by the Indian community in Natal should employ for its standard of judgement the enlightened principle s of social progress embodied in the "Uplift Clause" of the Cape Town Agreement (1927).

Memorandum on Civic Status

The world is asking of its peoples how best to organize and govern in the interests of all recognizing that I only by serving the interests of all can peace and security be established.......

Memorandum of the NIC on the declaration of the prime minister

The Statement of the prime Minister.....

Memorandum of the N.I.C. - 17th July 1944

N.I.C. Draft Ordinance

Memorandum of objectives submitted to the Hon. The Minister of Welfare and Demobilisation

The Minister of Welfare and Demobilisation by the Natal Indian Congress on the Draft regulations proposed to be made under the Housing (Emergency Powers) ACT (No.45, 1945)……


The Corporation of the City of Durban....

Makungabibiko Ukulwa Ngomsombuluko Hlalani Emakhaya Nikhuleke Ngomsombuluko

"On MONDAY, 26th JUNE, 1950, Africans, Indians, Coloureds and European democrats must remain in their homes and offer their prayers to God.

List of members of the Natal Indian Congress

Membership list

Letter to the Durban City Council from the Natal Indian Congress

Dear Sir,

We thank you for your letter dated the 24th instant re. Round Table Conference with Congress to discuss the City Councilors Post War Plans.....

Letter to Senator Clarkson

In the short time that....

Letter to Mr Kajee from the Prime Minister
Letter to J C Smut from the Natal Indian Congress
Letter from the Natal Indian Congress to the Durban City Council

Dear Sir, Your letter Ref. No. 35/527 og the 12th instants refers.....

Letter from the Natal Indian Congress to the City Council

Re : Alleged Indian Penetration

We wrote to you on the 23rd ultimo and forwarded certain resolutions and declarations of policy. We have your acknowledgement dated 26th ultimo....


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