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Thumbi Naidoo Funeral
Thumbi Naidoo Funeral


Thumbi Naidoo Funeral
Thumbi Naidoo Funeral with Yusuf Dadoo
Thumbi Naidoo Funeral with Yusuf Dadoo
Thumbi Naidoo Funeral with Yusuf Dadoo
Funeral Proceedings of Thumbi Naidoo

The ancient land of Persia has been officially known by its present
name, Iran, since 1935, but the two names, one from Pars, homeland of
the ancient ruling dynasties, and one from Aryan, are used synonymously

An investigation into the factors exerting a subtractive influence on Telegu and its culture [Andhra Sabhas]

In this study, I investigate the sociolinguistic factors that exert a subtractive influence
on the Telugu language and Andhra culture. This study focuses on the
sociolinguistic features of the Telugu Community and Telugu speaking Hindus in

Our glorious heritage, a dravidian experience

For some considerable time, the Author has been contemplating a survey of the social, education-al, cultural, religious, economic and political development of the people of South Indian origin in this country.

Occupational choices of women in South Africa (Thesis, 2000)

The purpose of this study is to determine women's perceptions and choices of different categories of occupations and the reasons for such choices. Since the

A Study of African Domestic Workers in an Indian Township

This research is undertaken in the belief that sociologists and anthropologists in South Africa have a particular obligation to record the injustice and exploitation that surround us and of which we are often a contributing factor.

The search for a cultural identity A personal odyssey 1993

The topic of this article sums up the direction which my personal exploration into theatre has taken. Even though I come from a very small community, the so-called lndian community in South Africa, the background that this community has provided is rich and diverse.....


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