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Congregation (1974) (Contact Photos) (Black & White).


Synod Pietermaritzburg

Synod Pietermaritzburg (Contact Photos) (Black & White).


Diocesan Synod - 1961 - 84th Session held at Synod - Pietermaritzburg St. Paul's Church, Durban, 13th - 14th September under Presidency of the Rt. Rev. T. G. V. Inman, Lord Bishop of Natal (Contact Photos) (Black & White).

St Pauls Church

Interior of St Pauls Church

Photo of Gandhi and his Wife Kasturba

Mr and Mrs Gandhi

Houses of Sierra Leone

Black and white abstract showing the houses of Sierra Leone.


A mixed media scene of a church house and a mission, on a tarred road with mountains at the background. Type: Wire, sand, stones and frames.


An abstract of a figure with one eye in pastel colors, black, yellow and brown. Type: Pastel

Making the Personal Civil: The Protector’s Office and the Administration of Indian Personal Law in Colonial Natal, 1872 – 1907

The arguments presented in this paper analyze the administrative contestations around Indian ‘personal law ’in the Colony of Natal from the establishment of the Coolie Commission of Inquiry in 1872 to the promulgation of the Indian Marriages Act in 1907.2 To date, very little attention has focuse

Labouring under the Law: Exploring the Agency of Indian Women under Indenture in Colonial Natal, 1860 – 1911

This paper is intended as the beginnings of an introduction to a Master’s thesis that will look at discourses around Indian women and gender under indenture in Colonial Natal from 1860 to 1911.

A geography of hawking at the Westcliffe market

The last century has witnessed an unprecedented rate of urbanization in the developing countries. Normally because the rural areas cannot support the poor families$, they migrate to urban Centre seeking employment.

Fitting the word into action an ethnographic Journey into theatre

The INDIC THEATRE MONOGRAPH SERIES is an attempt to publish material on theatre performances and related areas tJ)at have their roots in the South African Indian experience.

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