Thumbnail Title Description
'Tower of Babel'

Black and white scene of the tower of Babel with figures in front of it.


Wooden carved train engine and two carriages on wood railway track with signals and overhead wire.


Monochromatic abstract of figures and cattle.There is an outstanding exaggerated figure of a man. Type: Linocut


Polychromatic abstract of a Zulu homestead in bold colors.


Polychromatic abstract of human figures, a horse and a dragon.

" Mother and Child"

Monochrome abstract of a Mother and child standing next to each other. ( Type: Aquatint)

" Motherly Love"

Monochrome abstract of a female figure.

" Guitar Girl"

Polycrhomatic abstract figure playing a guitar.

" Joseph and Pharoa's wife

A scene of figures with a lady sitting on a chair.

" Elijah"

Monochrome scene in black and white.


Abstract of figures and Animals.

" Samson"

A scene of Samson and the Lion.


Abstract of the three wise men, baby Jesus and her mother Mary.


An abstract of heads and a body like figure.


Abstract, of biblical figures praying in a river/ ocean with the moon providing light. ( Type: silkscreen)


A colourful scene of figures and a rural village. ( Type: Silkscreen)

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