Mary Kleinenberg Collection

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Vigil in the late afternoon, Lion's Head in the background, Cape Town

Reproduction 7.4 x 11.3

Two Black Sash members holding a poster: "Ending the rule of Law"

Black and white print 11.1 x 15.9

The Book of the Constitution on top of the green car lead the demonstration into Cape Town

Reproduction 10.4 x 16.6

Street children, Christmas Day

Colour print 8.4 x 12.6

Sheena Duncan (right)

Black and white print 20.9 x 15.5

Senate election

Black and white print 21 x 15.1

Royal Show

Black and white print 10.7 x 16.5

Protest march against the Senate Act with symbolic book of the Constitution

Black and white print 21 x 15.9

Printed images from XPI 667 AND 668

Black and white print 18.5 x 10.3

Prime Minister J G Strydom making his way through the Black Sash parade after the final reading of the South African Amendment Bill

Reproduction 7.5 x 10.4

Postcard with reproduction of protestors against apartheid, University of Natal

Black and white print

Port Elizabeth Black Sash in a demonstration against the dissolution of the Senate and the violation of the constitution

Reproduction 10.5 x 16.5

Police break up a demonstration

Black and wite print 25.5 x 20.1

Photograph, printes with poster "Radio SA don't slant the news"

Black and white print 12 x 16.1

National and Regional Black Sash leaders at the home of Mr and Mrs Palmer, near Stellenbosch before they entered Cape Town

Reproduction 7.4 x 10.4

Mrs K Fleming, left, with Mrs Dora Hii outside Johannesburg City Hall

Reproduction 16.3 x 10.6

Mrs K Anderson, well known artist sketches Black Sash women on thte post office steps at lunch time

Black and white print 16.2 x 21.5

Mrs C van Selm (Black Sash Western Cape Chair) introduced speakers at the meeting on the Grand Parade, Cape Town

Reproduction 10.5 x 16.4

Miss Marion Harper of Pietermaritzburg, aged 88, one of the city's oldest members.

Black and white print 6.3 x 15.9

Marion Harper was on vigil for 30 minutes soon after noon. The vigil was a protest against legislation affecting coloured representation before parliament. Witness 21 April 1956

Marching up from the station

Black and white print 23 x 11.5


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