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Graphic print from Heather Maurilusse (D)

Color graphic image from Heather's Art Portfolio.

'Virgin & Child'

Monochrome abstract of Virgin Mary and Baby Jesus.

The Two Shepherds

Monochrome abstract of two Shepherds herding their flock.

Two white roses in a bowl

Watercolor scene of roses in a vase sitting on a table.

The Mother of Grace

Black and white scene of a ceremony with people gathered outside a Royal Palace, a Queen can seen riding on a horse.

Adaiel Warriors

Colored abstract of the Adaiel Warriors in their regalia.

'Vaillant 's Travels"

Black and white engraved scene of Vaillant's travelings.


Rural trading store on mountains.Pencil on Paper.


A mixed media scene of  a modern house on top of the hill with a pathway leading to it. Type: wire, sand, stones and frame

Engaged Khuze girl

Engaged girl of the Khuze clan with her hair being lengthened in preparation for marriage, Creighton area 1930. From Kohler, Dr. M. Marriage customs in Southern  Natal. Ethnological publication Vol. IV. Pretoria: Government Printer, 1935.

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