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"Behind the Trees"

A colourful painting of a rural school or mission sorounded by Cyprus trees. There are mountains in the background. Pen and colour pencil.

'Roman Catholic Church"

Pen and colour pencil scene of a mission, surrounded by cypress trees. A priest exiting church can be seen.

'Sesi hambile'

Scene of two rural woman carrying water pots on their heads. Pen and colour.

Domestic Life

A scene of a woman carrying a beer pot on the head, walking on  path while the cow is grazing on the grass. House, trees and mountaing in the background.

" Zakheleni"

Scene of a village, clusters of huts, school and mountains in the back ground. It is a pen and colour pencil painting.

" Zulu Wooden Spoon"

Wooden carved spoon in a two toned color. The handle is blacked and has a rough feel to it which in isiZulu is called ' Amasumpa. The head is a lighter color but trimed with black around the edges. It was made By Khoza Joel from Zamafuthi School at Umzinto in KwaZulu- Natal.


A scene of rural village of homestead with trees. There are women carrying water pots, and a biy heading cows. 


Pen and and colour pencil painting of huts between trees, there are mountains in the back ground.

Modern Home

Scene of a modern square house among trees. Pen and colour pencil painting.

" Ubani owaziyo? "

Scene of a man and woman meeting on the road outside a factory or hostel in a rural village. Huts, Mountains amd trees can be seen in the background.  Lead pencil painting.


Peaceful scene of a rural homestead with mountains in the background.

Modern Homes

Scene of a modern square houses overlooking a barn at the foot of the table mountain.Pen and colour pencil painting.

" KwaNokuthula"

A scene of an elderly woman walking through the village.

" Masihambisane"

A scene of a rural homestead with a road and mountains inthe background. There are women carrying water pots walking in the road.

" Inhloko"

A scene of three traditional men seating outside the huts eatingmeat:cow's head. The huts are sorounded by trees.

" Ngibuyel' ekhaya"

A scene of an elderly traditional Zulu mna returning home, after years staying in a township. 

" Kusile Bakwethu"

Pen and colour pencil scene of factory and workers going to work early in the morning.


Watercolor scene of the river Umkomaas inbetween mountains and a hpmestead.Rural scene of homestead on mountains.


Three traditional Zulu men drinking beer in a homestead. There is also a dog with a bone closeby. 


Scene of a woman carrying a water pot, walking towards a homestead. Cows are grazing, and there are trees behind the huts.


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