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An Historical Investigation - an independent study

The historical investigation is a problem-solving activity. that· enabfer candidates to demonstrate the application of their skills and knowledge in an
area which interests them and which need not be syllabus related. The chosen historical enquiry should......

South Africa: Is the Revolution Over?

Ten years ago, socialists around the world were active in the struggle apartheid in South Africa, and looked to it as a beacon of hope.

Two members of the Naidoo family at a reception in London given by the Indian High Commissioner PC Alexander
Thanga Kollapen and Sintha Naidoo
Thanga Dharmalingam
Singer of Majalis
Satyagrahi Thailema
Protesting against the setting up of the segregated tricameral parliament
The fourth generation of the Naidoo's protest at the magistrates court in Johannesburg

10-year-old Kuben Naidoo outside the magistrate’s court in West Street, Johannesburg

NR Maharaj, BA Naidoo, VSV Pillay, RP Govender, M Pothraju, RP Das, G Christopher, SP Singh and J Moses

Group photograph

Mrs S Moodaly

Mrs. S. Moodaly, the first chairwoman of the Durban Indian Child Welfare Society

Mrs M Naidoo in New Delhi on Gandhi Jayanti day

Political activist

Political activist

Manonmony Naidoo and daughter Shantivathie Naidoo with a positive conviction

Amina Cachalia comforts Amma Naidoo who weeps for her son Indres who was convicted of sabotage

Indian Saboteurs get 10 years.

South African Women's Day

At a rally in Johannesburg on South African Women’s Day organised by the Federation of South African Women

Indian Youth Congress

Amma Naidoo sobs as her son Indres is sentenced to imprisonment

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