J.W Grossert

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children playing in giant garden

KCAV 2171 Tempera painting of 'cgildren playing in gaint's garden by student Ndaleni Training Collage.

Migrant labourer/worker leaving his home at traditional homested.

KCAV 2170 Tempera painting of 'migrant labourer/ worker leaving his home at traditional homestead' by student Ndaleni art college.

Zulu traditional dance.

KCAV 2168 Tempera painting of 'Zulu traditional dance 'by student Ndaleni training Collage.

Paper mache figure

KCAV 1691 Paper mache figure ( Indian style). Ndaleni school. Grossert no 1062.

Basket. No Grossert number

Basket. No Grossert number

Paper mache masks and fez

KCAV 1687-1688 Paper mache masks and fez. Kilnerton Training School. No Grossert numbers.

Paper mache plague

KCAV 1686 paper mache plague at amazimtoti. McFaden Hall Grossert no 878

Paper mache figure

KCAV 1683-48 paper mache . Ndaleni Art School. GRossert N0 547.

Making spoon-bag

KCAV 1309-11 Making spoon-bag. Hlabisa. Grossert No 330-332

Basotho brooms

KCAV  1316-18 Basutho brooms. Bensonvale. Grossert No 447-9

isilulu or grain store basket with cover.

KCAV 1299-1300 Isilulu or grain store basket with cover. Near Bergville . No 220-230

Zulu ilala palm leaf ivovo or beer strainer.

KCAV 1304. Zulu ilala palm leaf or beer strainer.Tshongwe. Grossert no 652

Ivovo or beer srainer being made of ukhazi grass. No Grossert No.

KCAV 1305-9 ivovo or  beer strainer being made of ukhozi grass. no Grossert numbers.

Sitting mat or isicephu

KCAV 1330 Sitting mat or isicephu. adlt made. Hlabisa15.6.1958.Grossert no.112


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