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Group of wwod carvings with sculptor Solomon Sedibane. 4.4.1961

Group of wood carvings

Carved wood plague. Ndaleni Art school

Carved wood plague

Carved wooden plague. Ndaleni Art School. c1957

Carved wooden plague

Carved wooden box. 16.11.1961. Ndaleni Art school

Carved wooden box

Wood carving. Ndaleni Art school

Wood carving.

Wood carving. Ndaleni Art school

Wood carving

Wood carved of man play concertina. Ndaleni Art school

Wood carved figure of man playing concertina

Wood carved figure. Primary school Zululand

Wood carved figure.

Wood carved figures. (front and behind) Ndaleni art school. c1962

Wood carved figures

Carved plague by Bernard Gcwensa

Carved plague

Wooden models of carts and aeroplane. thsabelo 1960

Wooden models of carts and aeroplane

Wooden carved bus. Tshongwe 8.6.1961. Myeni school Zululand. (Bus reads correct way round: "ubuhle Budumezweni Bus"

Wooden carved bus

Wooden carved toys. Melmoth show 14.5.1962

Wooden carved toys

Carved wooden sticks. the figured one from Moshate school std VI. Skilivane show.

Carved wooden sticks

carved wooden stirring stick and wooden battle-axe. Moshate school show std IV. Skiluvane 16.6.1961

Wooden stirring stick and wooden battle-axe

Carved wooden stirring stick. Moshate school show std IV, Skiluvane 16.6.1961

Carved wooden stirring stick

Wooden carved milkpail from Isihlangweni school and wooden carved stamping block from nkungwini school. Ingwavuma 10.6.1959

Wooden carved milkpail

Bamboo carved vases. Greytown show (school work) 6.9.1962

Bamboo carved vases

Wood carvings Eshowe show. (schoolwork) 17.5.1962

Wood carving Eshowe show

Wooden carved milkpail (Itunga) Melmoth school show 14.5.1962

Wooden carved Milkpail


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