Jo Thorpe; African Art Center

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Beaded Dolls: Celani

Beaded  dolls made by Mahlabisa.

' A prayer for another South Africa"

Scene of two roosters facing each other in front of two houses with a man standing on the doorway in one. The roosters representing political parties.

" Visit to the Clinic"

A scene of two dolls made out of wood, cloth and beadwork. One representing a nurse holding a baby while the mother is waiting behind her. A bed and medicine cabinet can also be seen.

" Lullaby"

Black and white abstract of a mother carrying her child on the back.

" We hope the bright will come"

A scene of two figures looking at the sun/ moon.

" Amatata"

Scene of women tending and planting on the fields, a boy is heading  the cows behind and a homestead can be seen at the far end.


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