Jo Thorpe; African Art Center

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Abstract of the three wise men, baby Jesus and her mother Mary.


An abstract of heads and a body like figure.


An abstract of water lilies .

" Busaphi's wedding"

An image of a Zulu traditional woman on her wedding day  with sketches of huts and trees around it.


Scene of  modern house next to a rondavel, a cow's kraal and a man doing a garden, with others drinking beer next to a chicken coop.


Monochrome scene of the three wise men, looking at the shining star with three sheep behind them .

" The official is in the post Office"

Monochrome scene of a riot in front of a post office with the crowd turning a car upside down. ( Plate mask)

"Rain Queen"

Monochrome abstract, figures of old man, child and an old woman. ( Type: Linocut)

" Asijiki"

Monochrome scene of a crowd of pupils at school to what looks like a riot. A boy is seen confronting the Principal in between the school buildings. There are two more prints of these works (plate mask).

" Together we do"

Monochrome abstract depicting figures praying to a huge Godlike figure.

" The downs and ups of life"

Monochrome abstract of a man with his hand on his head looking sad, with commotion behind him.

" Man vs Snake"

A Lead Pencil scene of a Zulu man holding a knob kerrie fighting with a snake.

" The Dead Surviver"

Monochrome abstract of figures hovering over a man that looks dead behind bushes. There are five similar prints of this work.

" True Friendship"

Monochrome scene of a man lying on the ground with his dog standing guard over him.

" Days of Darkness"

Black and white monochrome abstract of an old man watching over his child lying on the floor sleeping.


Monochromatic abstract of figures and cattle.There is an outstanding exaggerated figure of a man. Type: Linocut

" Rorkes Drift Postal Agency"

Oil canvas scene of Rorkes Drift post office, with people going in and out.


Polychromatic abstract of human figures, a horse and a dragon.


Monochrome abstract  of the Book of Revelation ( St John) of different scenes. Type Linocut.


Monochrome abstract of an African Police man holding a club and blowing a whistle.


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