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"Out of the Shadows"

An abstract of three or more shadows moving. ( Type: Symphonic/ coloured ink.

" We hope the bright will come"

A scene of two figures looking at the sun/ moon.

'Victims of Natal floods"

Scene of Skeletons, coffins and trees floating around.

" Bushman Paradise"

Scene of Bushmen stalking a springbuck among red lillies.


Scene of a man assaulting a woman holding a child, two other children are eating next to a dog. A huge pumpkin with an arrow across can be seen on the painting. ( Type: Oil on Canvas)


Scene of a traditional Zulu man, dressed in Ibheshu, iHawu noMqhele walking in the veld next to mountains.


Scenes from 'South African life', c 1990-4: Mandela, De Klerk, Buthelezi, rands, schools/ children, AWB.


Black and white scene of a man asleep with his head on the table, cup, cigarettes and a candle beaming next to him.

" Ngifuna imali yami"

Scene of two men fighting in a township area.

' A prayer for another South Africa"

Scene of two roosters facing each other in front of two houses with a man standing on the doorway in one.

" Double vision"

A township scene in black white of children playing.


Scene of a man and woman sitting in a table outside a modern house drinking wine.

" The return of Peace"

Black and white scene of man rising from the grave with Jesus in the sky while two alcoholics are making their way to Sipho's Tarven.

"Adverse learning conditions"

Scene of a man wearing a graduation gown standing in front of shack houses.

" Neighbourliness"

Scene of African workers planting and toiling the fields.

" Squaters"

Scene of a person moving possesions on an ox wagon.


Scene of a tall building replicating the Edward Hotel in Durban, Telephone lines and a clear sky can be seen behind.


Scene of wattle forest with mountains in the background.

" Ezweni lesithembiso"

Colourful scene of rastafarians dancing to a casette player in a rural scene. ( Type: watercolour)


Scene of African women toiling the fields near a rural homestead. Mountains, trees and other huts can be seen in the back ground.


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