Jo Thorpe; African Art Center

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A colourful scene of figures and a rural village. ( Type: Silkscreen)


Monochrome abstract of a group of people standing over a 'witch persecuting her'.

" The downs and ups of life"

Monochrome abstract of a man with his hand on his head looking sad, with commotion behind him.

"Rain Queen"

Monochrome abstract, figures of old man, child and an old woman. ( Type: Linocut)

" Together we do"

Monochrome abstract depicting figures praying to a huge Godlike figure.

" Makhonolo"

Black and white abstract of 'Makhono standing as a Mesiah with people following him.

'Something else"

An Abstracct of monochromes( Type: Oil canvas)

" All I need is the air that I breathe"

Black and white outstanding figure of an African lady with her eyes closed and surrounded by vegetables. Another African lady can be seen behind her carrying a clay pot on her head.

"The deadly herb"

Black and white figure and a vision abstract.( Type: Linocut)

"The bursting bond"

A black and white figure with his hands on chains, smiling.


Abstract of a face. (Type: Mixed media)

" The manifestation of circles"

Colourful abstract of joined circles.( Tyep: Oil pastel on paper)


Oil Pastal abstract on a yellow paper, an image of a man with exagarated features.


Symphonic abstract of a human like object.( Type: Oil Pastel)

" Children at play"

Symphonic abstract.

" Flight of emergency"

Abstract scene of faces in a charcoal symphony.


Colourful and black and black and white abstract with bold colours.


Colourful abstract in monotone colours.


Black and white scene of African man holding a cross while the other one is being baptized. ( Type; Coloured ink)


Coloured ink abstract of different shades of colours. ( Type: Symphony)


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