Jo Thorpe; African Art Center

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" Hard Times"

Monochrome abstract of a husband and wife looking sad and depressed in their home.

Going back home

Scene of a traditional Zulu man, dressed in Ibheshu, iHawu noMqhele walking in the veld going back home from hunting or war.


Black and white scene of African Pastor from the Zionist church holding a cross while praying over a sick man and the other one baptized.


Pen and colour pencil scene of two huts inbetween cypress trees.


Monochrome abstract of a group of people watching a witch being beaten and persecuted.

Modern Home

A  scene of a suburban area, a car and bicycle driving on a tarred road passing a modern house.

"Mother's sick child"

Monochrome abstract of a mother nursing her son who is lying down in bed.

Modern Home

 Scene of a suburban house with a car parked in a neatly trimmed lawn.

Modern Home

Scene of a car- jacking occurring in front of a huge house. ( Type: Ballpoint pen & Crayons)

"A Mansion"

A scene of a Town house complex with a big driveway leading to a double door garage.(Type: Ballpoint& Crayon)

" Samson killing the Lion"

A scene of Samson and the Lion.

" Landscape:Home"

Scene of a homestead in the hills with modern houses arund trees.

South Africa

Scenes from 'South African life', c 1990-4: Mandela, De Klerk, Buthelezi, rands, schools/ children, AWB.

" Joyful spirits"

Polychratic abstract of an African dance around the fire in a grass hut.


Black and white scene of a man asleep with his head on the table, cup, cigarettes and a candle beaming next to him.

" Squaters"

Scene of a person moving possesions on an ox wagon.

" Joseph and Pharoa's wife

A scene of figures with a lady sitting on a chair.


Scene of a man and woman sitting in a table outside a modern house drinking wine.


Polychromatic abstract of a modern house in the suburbs. A scene of a huge house with a paves driveway and surounded by trees.

" AAC"

Polychromatic portrait of Jo Thorpe in a crown of African Art Center( AAC) as part of trophy cup with a certificate next to it. The Durban city can seen as the background.


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