Jo Thorpe; African Art Center

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" Sand paping machine"

Abstract from a woodcut in brown of a sand paping machine on the table overlooking a window.

" The shepered and the hunter"

Monochrome abstract of two figures in black and white.( Type: Woodcut)

" Welcome home"

Monochrome abstract of figures carrying goods going home. Tall buildings and an Aeroplane can be seen.

" Unity"

Monochrome abstract in black and white figures joining hands.

" Mother and Child"

Monochrome abstract of a Mother and child standing next to each other. ( Type: Aquatint)

" Motherly Love"

Monochrome abstract of a female figure.

" Guitar Girl"

Polycrhomatic abstract figure playing a guitar.

" Discord"

Polychromatic abstract of a figure playing a musical instrument.

'Melanchony and Sympathy"

Monochrome abstract of an an elephant/ figures.

" Lets dissapear"

Monochrome abstract of figures. ( Type: Etching)

" Lullaby"

Black and white abstract of a mother carrying her child on the back.

" Relaxtion"

Black and white  scene of man figure with different items around him. ( Type: Etching)

" Waterfall"

Black and white of figures, men, kneeling woman and musical instruments.

" Joseph and Pharoa's wife

A scene of figures with a lady sitting on a chair.

" Elijah"

Monochrome scene in black and white.

" Samson"

A scene of Samson and the Lion.


Abstract of the three wise men, baby Jesus and her mother Mary.


An abstract of heads and a body like figure.


An Abstract of biblical figures. (Type: Silkscreen)


Abstract, of biblical figures praying in a river/ ocean with the moon providing light. ( Type: silkscreen)


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