Jo Thorpe; African Art Center

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Abstract, of biblical figures praying in a river/ ocean with the moon providing light.

" Ezweni lesithembiso"

Colourful scene of rastafarians dancing to a casette player in a rural scene.

Flying over the Church

Scene of an areoplane flying over a town and church. Two cars are driving up the road and people are getting into church.

" The Street Cleaner"

Monochrome figure of a man holding a broom next to a rubbish bin, across the houses sweeping the street. There are four similar prints of this work.

" Lets dissapear"

Monochrome abstract of animal figures around a sleeping man, after perfoming some evil things on him. 

" Neighbourliness"

Scene of African women helping each other in planting and toiling the fields.

"Goal beyond"

Monochrome abstract of a man figure in deep thoughts or focused on a vision.

" Sky bird"

Scene of an Airoplane flying over green fields and ocean.


Scene of a man assaulting a woman holding a child, two other children are eating next to a dog. A huge pumpkin with an arrow across can be seen on the painting. 

" The manifestation of circles"

Colourful abstract of joined circles.

" Welcome home"

Monochrome abstract of figures coming from the mines, carrying their belongings. Tall buildings and an Aeroplane can be seen on the background.

" My Feelings"

An abstract of emotions in black and brown representing the artists emotions.

" Guitar Girl"

Polycrhomatic abstract figure  of a female, playing a guitar.


Decorated envelope with a Jet flying across. Letter is addressed to B. Guidalteres. P.O Box 803. South African stamp on right bottom corner.

'Emotions and Colors'

Abstract of a face. 

" Discord"

Polychromatic abstract of a figure playing a musical instrument.


Colourful and black and black and white abstract with bold colours.

'A Headless Man'

Symphonic abstract of a human like object with no head.

" Children at play"

Symphonic abstract of a human face.

'The Rainbow Nation'

Coloured ink abstract of the South African flag. 


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