Jo Thorpe; African Art Center

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A scene of a Town house complex with a big driveway leading to a double door garage.(Type: Ballpoint& Crayon)

'Blue lake pools"

Scene of a huge modern house in a suburban area, with a pool in front of the house and neatly trimmed trees.


Scene of a car- jacking occurring in front of a huge house. ( Type: Ballpoint pen & Crayons)


Scene of  modern house next to a rondavel, a cow's kraal and a man doing a garden, with others drinking beer next to a chicken coop.

" Sky bird"

Scene of an Airplane frying over green fields and the ocean. ( Type: Ballpoint pen & crayon)


Scene of a huge property in between trees, with a swimming pool in front of the house. It might be a holiday Bnb as the is ' Susan Verker' written at the top.


A  scene of a suburban area, a car and bicycle driving on a tarred road passing a modern house.


 Scene of a suburban house with a car parked in a neatly trimmed lawn.


Scene of a suburban house with a cottage and a swimming pool.


An abstract with a scene of a big property that looks like a block of flats. There is a driveway that leads to a double door garage on a neatly treamed landscape.


A scene of a rural homestead with a river passing through the village, people are ploughing the fields.


Polychromatic scene of a Mellow yellow police van blocking a small car of robber running away with bags of money.


Polychromatic abstract of a modern house in the suburbs. A scene of a huge house with a paves driveway and surounded by trees.

" An old man"

Monochrome abstract of an old man sitting on a chair. ( Type: Lead pencil Sketch)

" Joyful spirits"

Polychratic abstract of an African dance around the fire in a grass hut.

" Landscape"

Scene of a homestead in the hills with modern houses arund trees.

" Landscape"

An  abstract from a scene of a homestead, with modern houses. A river is passing through and the are mountains in the background.

" The dance.

Monochrome abstract with black and white figures dancing. ( Type: Linocut)

" My Feelings"

An abstract of emotions in black and brown. ( Type: Woodcut & Linocut with colour)

" Imvelo"

Monochrome figures of humans and animals in black and white.


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