Jo Thorpe; African Art Center

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'Something else"

An Abstracct of monochromes and shapes.

" Bushman Paradise"

Scene of Bushmen stalking a springbuck among red lillies.

" Elijah"

Monochrome biblical scene of Elijah the Prophet. 

"The bursting bond"

A black and white portrait of a male figure with his hands on chains,while smiling.

"Out of the Shadows"

An abstract of human figures shadows moving around bushes.

" Amatata"

Scene of women tending and planting on the fields, a boy is heading  the cows behind and a homestead can be seen at the far end.

" Flight of emergency"

Abstract scene of faces in a panic mode.

'Victims of Natal floods"

Scene of Skeletons, coffins and trees floating around.

Wild life: Zebras

Scene of two zebra at a pool of water surrounded by exotic plants. ( Type: Watercolour)

Rural Village

A colourful scene of figures and rural village with a gravel road. 

" Imvelo"

Monochrome figures of humans and animals in black and white representin nature.

" A song for you"

Monochrome scene of Mirriam Makeba singing on stage.

"The deadly herb"

Black and white scene of men smoking marijuana.

" Mother and Child"

Monochrome abstract of a Mother and child standing next to each other.

" Ngifuna imali yami"

Scene of two men fighting over money while the women is crying in the background. 

" The dance.

Monochrome abstract with black and white female figures in a tarven, dressed in skimpy clothes while dancing.

" Tired"

Monochrome abstract of a man figure with eyes closed looking tired.

" Motherly Love"

Monochrome abstract of a female figure holding her baby.

" An old man"

Monochrome abstract of an old man sitting on a chair chatting with someone.


An Abstract of biblical figures.


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