Jo Thorpe; African Art Center

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Human Figures

Black and white scene of human figures(big and small).


Black and white scene of a labourer relaxing at work,

'Night Caps'

Color scene of a couple sitting outside their house in the evening having drinks.


Scene of two huts behind a big tree, with a woman carrying a pot on her head.

" Sand paping machine"

Abstract from a woodcut in brown of a sand paping machine on the table overlooking a window.

" The shepered and the hunter"

Monochrome abstract of two figures in black and white.

" Landscape"

An  abstract from a scene of a homestead, with modern houses. A river is passing through and the are mountains in the background.


Scene of African women toiling the fields near a rural homestead. Mountains, trees and other huts can be seen in the back ground.

The Culdesac"

Monochromatic abstract of a tall female figure floating on air and hovering over the mountain. Two dogs are at her footsteps.

"Adverse learning conditions"

Scene of a man wearing a graduation gown standing in front of shack houses.

'Blue lake pools"

Scene of a huge modern house in a suburban area, with a pool in front of the house and neatly trimmed trees.

" Waterfall"

Black and white of figures, men, kneeling woman and musical instruments.

" Relaxation"

Black and white  scene of man figure with different items around him taking a rest.

" Makhonolo"

Black and white abstract of 'Makhono standing as a Mesiah with people following him.

" Double vision"

A township scene in black white of children playing different games.

" The return of Peace"

Black and white scene of man rising from the grave with Jesus in the sky while two alcoholics are making their way to Sipho's Tarven.

'Melanchony and Sympathy"

Monochrome abstract of an an elephant/ figures.

" Unity"

Monochrome abstract in black and white figures joining hands.

" All I need is the air that I breathe"

Black and white outstanding figure of an African lady with her eyes closed and surrounded by vegetables. Another African lady can be seen behind her carrying a clay pot on her head.

" Vurest: killing and destruction bring no peace"

Colourful scene of people running others hurt or dead on the ground. A burnt house can be seen on the bacjground.


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