Jo Thorpe; African Art Center

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Monochromatic abstract of figures and cattle.There is an outstanding exaggerated figure of a man. Type: Linocut


Polychromatic abstract of a Zulu homestead in bold colors.


Polychromatic abstract of human figures, a horse and a dragon.


Monochrome abstract  of the Book of Revelation ( St John) of different scenes. Type Linocut.


Monochrome abstract of an African Police man holding a club and blowing a whistle.

" Days of Darkness"

Black and white monochrome abstract of an old man watching over his child lying on the floor sleeping.


Polychromatic abstract of a face and a butterfly.


Polychromatic abstract of a human image in an exaggerated form.


Polychromatic abstract in neutral colours with eyes popping out.

" The official is in the post Office"

Monochrome scene of a riot in front of a post office with the crowd turning a car upside down. ( Plate mask)

" Asijiki"

Monochrome scene of a crowd of pupils at school to what looks like a riot. A boy is seen confronting the Principal in between the school buildings. There are two more prints of these works (plate mask).

" The Dead Surviver"

Monochrome abstract of figures hovering over a man that looks dead behind bushes. There are five similar prints of this work.

" The Street Cleaner"

Monochrome figure of a man holding a broom next to a rubbish bin, across the houses sweeping the street. There are four similar prints of this work.

" True Friendship"

Monochrome scene of a man lying on the ground with his dog standing guard over him.


Monochrome scene of the three wise men, looking at the shining star with three sheep behind them .

" A song for you"

Monochrome scene of Mirriam Makeba singing on stage.

" Hard Times"

Monochrome abstract of a husband and wife looking sad and drained inside a house.

" Tired"

Monochrome abstract of a man figure with eyes closed.

"Mother's sick child"

Monochrome abstract of a mother nursing her son who is lying down in bed.

"Goal beyond"

Monochrome abstract of a man figure in black and white.


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