Jo Thorpe; African Art Center

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A detailed scene of modern building and castle on the left with an airplane flying over it.


Decorated envelope with a Jet flying across. Letter is addressed to B. Guidalteres. P.O Box 803. South African stamp on right bottom corner.

' Jet on the Envelope"

Decorated envelope with a Jet at the front of it. The envelope is mounted on a blue card with a sign ' made in South Africa, PTY LTD".

" Decorated Envelop"

Decorated envelop addressed to Miss Hlekabenqaba Mhlongo. A sketch of an airplane can be seen as well as a South African stamp.

" Visit to the Clinic"

A scene of two dolls made out of wood, cloth and beadwork. One representing a nurse holding a baby while the mother is waiting behind her. A bed and medicine cabinet can also be seen.

The Culdesac"

Monochromatic abstract of a tall female figure floating on air and hovering over the mountain. Two dogs are at her footsteps.


An abstract of dancing sea shells at a wedding party, Type: Oil on board


An abstract of water lilies .

" Busaphi's wedding"

An image of a Zulu traditional woman on her wedding day  with sketches of huts and trees around it.

" AAC"

Polychromatic portrait of Jo Thorpe in a crown of African Art Center( AAC) as part of trophy cup with a certificate next to it. The Durban city can seen as the background.


A mixed media scene of  a modern house on top of the hill with a pathway leading to it. Type: wire, sand, stones and frame


A mixed media scene of a church house and a mission, on a tarred road with mountains at the background. Type: Wire, sand, stones and frames.

" Indalo ka Yehova"

A scene of a colored luminous paper under black mounted photograph of a lady wearing a red dress standing behind trees.


Polychromatic abstract of an old man sleeping after drinking alcohol in his room.


Polychromatic scene of a young boy dressed in school uniform, behind him are modern houses( township).

" Man vs Snake"

A Lead Pencil scene of a Zulu man holding a knob kerrie fighting with a snake.


Monochromatic abstract of an African man standing over the river, aiming with his spear. Type: Pen and lead pencil.


An abstract of a figure with one eye in pastel colors, black, yellow and brown. Type: Pastel

"Lonely Lady"

Polychromatic abstract of a lady sitting on the table writing a letter. Type: Oil Pastel.

" Rorkes Drift Postal Agency"

Oil canvas scene of Rorkes Drift post office, with people going in and out.


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