Grossert J.W

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Batlokoa house

KCAV 1921-24 Batlokoa house interiors 8.2.1961.

Batlokoa house

KCAV 1919-20 Batlokoa house. Mural plastering. KCAV 1920B interior woman grinding corn.

Batlokoa house

KCAV 1917 -18 Batlokoa house with stich showing baby has been born, Futher entering hut. 8.2, 1961.

Batlokoa house

KCAV 1916 Batlokoa house. Musong Palmtietfontein, near sterkspruit. C.P> Basutu Tribe

Batlokwa house

Batlokwa house. Sterkspruit 8.2.1961

Ndebele Homestead

KCAV 1914B Ndebele homestead Middleburg  18.8.1061

Ndebele Homestead

KCAV Ndebele homstead Bronkhorstspruit 15.6.1960

Ndebele Homestead

KCAV 1911-13 Ndebele homestand Bronkohosrtspruit   15.6. 1960

Ndebele Homestead

KCAV 1908-10 Ndebele Homestead. Bronkhostspruit 15.6.1960.

Cowboy in town

KCAV 2220 Tempera 'Cowboy in Town ' No Name or school

Man hunting in forrest

KCAV 2219B Linocut 'Man hunting in the forrest ' Edendale Training College.

The Magi

KCAV 2218 Tempera 'the magi' Joyce mgangkela. St Matthews No 907

Mother and child outside the huts

KCAV 2217 B Tempera 'mother and child outside huts' St Matthews C.P.

Madonna and child

KCAV 2216 'Madonna and child' by Nontutuzelo Zibi, st Matthews C. P.

Three Xhosa women in conversation

KCAV 2215 A-B Tempera 'Three Xhosa Women in conversation ' Zukiswill St Matthews C.P. school. Grossert No 1089

'Going to church '

 KCAV 2214 Tempera 'going to church' C. Khala. St Matthews C.P. School

Paintings St Matthews C.P. school

Paintings St Matthews C.P. Grossert No.1086

Flowers in jug

KCAV 2212 Tempera a' Flowers in jug ' St Matthews C.P. School 25.10.1962. Grossert No 1085

Draving Cattle

KCAV 2142 Crayon drawing 'Driving Cattle' by N. Gumede 8 years old from Fennin Primary school. Illustrated in Art Education and Zulu Crafts'  Shuter and Shooter PMB 1968

Paintings St Matthews C.P.

KCAV 2209-11 Paintings St Matthew C.P.


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