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Natals Indians and SA War 1899-1902

Until recently there was a virtual exclusion of Black peoples from histories of the South African War which began on 11 October 1899 when the South African Republic and the Orange Free State declared war on Great Britain.

African Gandhi the South African War and limits of Imperial Identity

Mahatma Gandhi achieved greatness for the struggles that he fought on the political, economic, cultural and moral fronts.

A 'Public Health Nuisance': The Victoria Street Early Morning Squatters Market, 1910-1934

The focus of this paper is the "Indian Market", a famous tourist landmark in Durban.

Control and Repression: The Plight of Indian Hawkers and Flower Sellers in the Durban CBD, 1910-1948

This paper will examine the position of Indians who attempted to make a living on the streets of Durban as hawkers and flower sellers.

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