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S B Medh

Mr S B Medh a Resister

Ebrahim Ismail Aswat

Ebrahim Ismail Asvat (Aswat) was born in Surat, India. He was a committed passive resister from Vereeniging, Transvaal (now Gauteng).

Mr V A Chettiar

Mr. V. A. Chettiar, who is an elderly member of the Indian community and is Chairman of the Tamil Benefit Society, has ...

The pioneer party of the last phase of the struggle in South Africa Below left Dr Hermann Kallenbach and Mahatma Gandhi

The pioneer party of the last phase of the struggle in South Africa Below left Dr Hermann Kallenbach and Mahatma Gandhi

Mrs D M Lazarus

Mrs D M Lazarus from Newcastle

Olive Schreiner

Olive Schreiner was a South African author, anti-war campaigner and intellectual. She is best remembered today for her novel The Story of an African Farm, which has been highly acclaimed.

Gokaldas Gandhi

Mr. Gokaldas P. Gandhi, who led a party of Passive Resisters from Tongaat district, c. 1910.

Mr Ratan J Tata

Ratan Naval Tata (born 28 December 1937) is an Indian industrialist, philanthropist, and a ...

Maganlal Gandhi

Maganlal Khushalchand Gandhi was a follower of Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi. He was a grandson of an uncle of the Mahatma, and he died of typhoid at Patna on 23 April 1928. Maganlal Gandhi is cited in many works of Mohandas Gandhi.

Mr A H West

Mr. A.H. West was a theosophist and vegetarian. He lived in phoenix ashram, which was set up by Mahatma Gandhi during South African Satyagraha. His sister Ada West taught in phoenix and Tolstoy farms. He had taken part in South African Satyagraha.

Miss Ada West

Ada West gave lessons in music and organ playing to students of the nearby ...

Mr O H A Jhaveri

Abdoola Hajee Adam Jhaveri (Dada Abdulla)  President of the Natal Indian Congress

Women Passive Resisters

The passive resistance movement of 1946-48 is well documented. Yet, in the vast corpus of historical literature the role of women as a viable political ...

Miss Valiamma Moodaly

The late Miss Valiamina Moodaly who died after serving a term of imprisonment as a. Passive Resister. VALIAMMA MOODLIAR 1913 PASSIVE ...

Mrs Sheik Mehtab - Passive Resister

Fatima Sheik Mehtab, wife of Sheik Mehtab who was Gandhi's childhood....

P K Naidoo

PK Naidoo member of the Natal Indian Congress

JJ Doke

J. J. Doke, can be described as a generous and natural giver, who in the trials of others, showed sympathy, that prompted him to serve. J. J. Doke, was sympathetic to the desire of the Indians for improved civil rights.

Smuts Foremost Antagonist Resistance Movement

Jan Smuts, South African statesman, soldier, and prime minister (1919–24, 1939–48), who sought to promote South Africa as a responsible ...

Hosken - Chairman of Johannesburg European Committee

He was a Natal merchant originally (1874–89), then moved to Johannesburg, primarily selling ammunition, dynamite, and arms. He was arrested for his involvement in the Jameson Raid, though fled to Natal during the war.

Mrs MW Volg

Mrs M W Volg


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