Gandhi Photographic Collection

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Kasturba Gandhi School

School on the Phoenix Settlement named after Kasturba Gandhi

Last photo of Mr. & Mrs. Gandhi in Durban with several friends

Gandhi and Friends

Last photograph of Mahatma and Kastuurba Gandhi in Durban with friends

Tributes to Gandhi from the Unpublished book on the "Life og Gandhi" by the Pretoria Tamil Society.

Late Mr S Naggappan

Late Mr S Naggappan

Late SORZAI Strike victim

Passive Resistance Struggle

M H Nazar

This man was M.H. Nazar, a secretary of the Natal Indian Congress. ... Indian Opinion and political activism on the part of its editors became an ...

M K Gandhi as a lawyer

Gandhi, Kasturba, miscellaneous.

M K Gandhi Sculpture in Pietermaritzburg

The statue of Mahatma Ghandi commemorates the centenary of his experience at the Pietermaritzburg railway station in 1893 when he was cast out from a first class carriage because he was not White.

Maganlal Gandhi

Maganlal Khushalchand Gandhi was a follower of Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi. He was a grandson of an uncle of the Mahatma, and he died of typhoid at Patna on 23 April 1928. Maganlal Gandhi is cited in many works of Mohandas Gandhi.

Mahatma Gandhi

Mahatma Gandhi

Mahatma Gandhi

Gandhi as a old man wearing a loincloth

Mahatma Gandhi as a barrister of law in South Africa

Gandhi went to india in 1896 to promote the South African Indian cause, to recruit Indian barristers to assist in the Indian rights movement in Natal, and to relocate ...

Mahatma Gandhi at Heidelberg Station

Miscellaneous illustrations from Indian Opinion on Gandhi & the passive resistance movement - c. 1893 - 1914

Mahatma Gandhi collecting funds for Harijans

Mahatma Gandhi, collecting donations for the Harijan Fund during his train journey to Bengal, Assam and South India.

Mahatma Gandhi in London

Gandhi at 10 Downing Street - London

Mahatma on a peace mission in Noakholi area - crossing bamboo bridge.

Mahatma Gandhi camped in Noakhali for four months and toured the district in a mission to restore peace and communal harmony. However, the peace mission ...

Mahatma with political prisoners at Dum Dum jail

Mahatma Gandhi with political prisoners at Dum Dum Central Jail Calcutta Kolkata West Bengal India December 1945

Mahomed Ebrahim Kunke

Mahomed Ebrahim Kunke, a stalwart Mahomedan Passive Resister, several times in jail, South Africa, c. 1910.

Manilal Gandhi

Manilal Gandhi son of M K Gandhi

March through Volksrust on the way to the Transvaal border (Passive Resister)

Passive Resister


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