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Women Passive Resisters

The passive resistance movement of 1946-48 is well documented. Yet, in the vast corpus of historical literature the role of women as a viable political ...

Miss Valiamma Moodaly

The late Miss Valiamina Moodaly who died after serving a term of imprisonment as a. Passive Resister. VALIAMMA MOODLIAR 1913 PASSIVE ...

Mrs Sheik Mehtab - Passive Resister

Fatima Sheik Mehtab, wife of Sheik Mehtab who was Gandhi's childhood....

P K Naidoo

PK Naidoo member of the Natal Indian Congress

Smuts Foremost Antagonist Resistance Movement

Jan Smuts, South African statesman, soldier, and prime minister (1919–24, 1939–48), who sought to promote South Africa as a responsible ...

Hosken - Chairman of Johannesburg European Committee

He was a Natal merchant originally (1874–89), then moved to Johannesburg, primarily selling ammunition, dynamite, and arms. He was arrested for his involvement in the Jameson Raid, though fled to Natal during the war.

Mrs MW Volg

Mrs M W Volg

Ahmed Mohamed Cachalia

Ahmed Mohamed Cachalia joined the Satyagraha struggle in the Transvaal. He was an extremely wealthy man and was used to a life of luxury


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