Ela Gandhi

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Gandhi & Count Tolstoy

Gandhi was inspired by Tolstoy not only in respect of non-violence and non-violent resistance but also by his idea of 'Bread Labour' and its concomitant idea of 'getting off the backs' of others including the poor.

Gandhi thrown of the train at PMB

Mohandas Gandhi book & Gandhi thrown out of train

Gandhi with Gokhale on tour

After Johannesburg Gokhale visited Natal and then proceeded to Pretoria, where he was put up by the Union Government at the ...

Gokhale meeting on 3 Pound Tax Lords ground Durban

Group at Lord's Ground, Durban. Re : Speech by Gokhale (1912).

Group at Lord's Ground, Durban. Re : Speech by Gokhale (1912).

Meeting on the 3 pound Tax

Harbat Singh (Passive Resister)

Harbat Singh (Passive Resister)

Indian volunteer stretcher bearer corps - (1906) (Bambatha Rebelion)

The Bambatha Rebellion (or the Zulu Rebellion) of 1906 was led by Bambatha kaMancinza (c. ... Nonetheless, they accepted Gandhi's offer to let a detachment of Indians volunteer as a stretcher bearer corps to treat wounded British soldiers.

Last photo of Mr. & Mrs. Gandhi in Durban with several friends

Gandhi and Friends

Late SORZAI Strike victim

Passive Resistance Struggle

Memorial service for Valliama, Passive Resister who gave up her life for the cause

Memorial service in honour of Valliama

Natal Indian Congress

Founders of Natal Indian Congress

National Women's Day

It  is  National  Women's  Day  once  again......

Ram Sunder Pandit

Pandit Ram Sunder - Passive Resister

Sorabji Shapurji Adajania

Sorabji Shapurji Adajania demanded entry into Transvaal

Thambi Naidoo, ardent Passive Resister

Narainsamy Thambi Naidoo, also known as “Naran” or “Roy.” was born in 1901 in ... Passive Resistance in South Africa · 1946 African ...

Tolstoy farm

Tolstoy Farm was the first ashram initiated and organized by Mohandas Gandhi during his South African movement.

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