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People of Port des Fraincars

Black and white scene of people of Port des Fraincas in thier best outfits.

People of the Island of Paros

Black and white scene of the people of the IslandĀ  of Paros doing their favorite dance called The Romical.

'Old Basotho Woman'

Watercolor portrait of an Old Basutho woman sitting on the ground.

Three Zulu Woman

Watercolor scene of three Zulu Woman, one sitting on the ground and two standing.

" Basotholand: the Thabansu Mountain"

Watercolor scene of the Basutholand with view of the Mountain of Thabansu.

" Basotholand: Thabansu"

Watercolor scene of Basotholand with the view of Thabansu.

" Basotholand: Mafeteng"

Watercolor scene of Basutholand with the view of Mafeteng.

Native Girl: Basuto

Portrait of a Basuto girl carrying a beer/ water pot on her head.

"Verse the garden"

Abstract scene of a Roman man in robes.

View of Durban Bay

Water colour painting of a Durban bay view. 245x 52cm. It was donated by McWright & McKent from Evensdale Polions river, Natal.

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