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'Izinduku': Amos Qwabe

Wooden carved sticks with head and animal carvings made by Mr. Amos Qwabe from Nongoma.

Amos Qwabe

Mr. Amos Qwabe a distinct Wood carver from Nongoma in KwaZulu-Natal.

Makhumalo: Basket Weaver

A Makhumalo an elderly Zulu lady with one of work, Imbenge.

Elderly Zulu Couple

An elderly Zulu couple with the Kist and Isibhaxa, symbolizing their marital union.

'Isibhaxa ne Kist'

A scene of Isibhaxa and an engraved kist as well as trunk for keeping clothes.


Wooden carved mat storage and a wooden carved colorful trunk.

Wooden Craved Animals: Eagle

Wooden carved animals: Eagle

Wooden Carved Animals: Tortoise

Wooden carved animals: Tortoise.

Wooden Carved Animals: Guinea Fowl

Wooden carved animals:Guinea fowls.

Wooden Carved Animals: Buck

Wooden carved animals: Buck.

Wood Carver

A Zulu wood carver working on a bed mat spreaderd and walking sticks.

'Zulu Dance'

Stuffed dolls doing a Zulu dance made by Sizakele Mchunu.

Wood Carvings

Wood carvings on a market.

Wooden Carved Cat

Wooden carved cat from Ingwavuma High School.

Native Doll

Beaded fertility doll from KwaZulu- Natal.

Fertility Doll: Pedi

Beaded Pedi fertility doll with short hair.

Fertility Doll: Pedi

Beaded Pedi fertility doll with hair to make a woman figure.

Basket Maker

Photograph of a Basket maker at work.


Grass woven placemat,decorated with triangles.


Zulu young men dressed in fine clothes for a wedding.


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