Craighall L.

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Large grass woven basket with an address on it.

Fertility Doll: Zulu

Beaded Zulu fertility doll with long hair.

Doll Maker: Botswana

An elderly doll maker from the Etsha village in Botswana holding one of her creations.

Lesotho Chief

Lesotho Chief wearing traditional blankets and sorrunded by his counsel.

Wired Bottle

Telephone wired bottle used as a vase or medicinal bottle.

Beaded Handbag

Small beaded hand bag.

Medicinal Beaded Necklace

Large beaded medicinal necklace, used as a protective charm.

Fertility Doll: Ndebele

Large beaded Ndebele doll dressed clothing and beadwork.

Fertility Doll:Ndebele

Pair of large Ndebele fertility dolls, representing a married couple.

Fertility Dolls: Ndebele

Set of large beaded Ndebele dolls.

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