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1. House at Kurreechane to protect children during the night from Lions.

2. Tammaha house at Maribohwhey.

3. Furnace for smelting at Kurreechane.

4 & 5 Pottery for containing milk made at Kurreechane.

6. A Mashow razor made of steel. 

"Houses and Yard of Sinosee"

"Houses and Yard of Sinosee, Kurreechane"

City of Mashow and Burder's Place

Upper: City of Mashow, from the west, adjacent villages.

Lower: Burder's place, New Lattakoo, containing mission houses and church. 

Interior of Sinosee's house

Interior of Sinosee's house, Kurreechane.

Circumcision dress of Lattakoo

Left: Dress worn by female at the annual circumcision feast at Lattakoo

Right: "The rain maker's wife" at Kurrechane

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