Bhengu Gerard

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Watercolor image of Amaqoyi.

"Imbuzi yokuphothula"

Black and white scene of a man driving a goat to a diviner and patient to perform a ceremony.


Color scene of men dancing during the first fruit ceremony, called 'Ingcube'.


Watercolor scene of men dancing during  the first fruit ceremony, called 'Igcube'.


Watercolor scene of men and women celebrating the first fruit ceremony.


Watercolor portrait of a Zulu man carrying a spear& shield.


Portraitof a baby boy named 'Intungwa' .

"Isangoma Ekhaya"

Color scene of Isangoma giving medication to a home he is invited in.


Portrait of a female Diviner titled  'Isangoma' holding 'ishoba ne hawu'.


Watercolor images of wooden ear plugs.


Nine compiled portrait of a different faces showing the different types of face tribal marks, 'ukuchaza' . Families represented in this are Sosibo, Maphanga, Gambu and Khubone.

"Iziviliba zethusi"

Watercolor images of ear plugs made out of bronze.

"Man carrying a hoe"

Watercolor scene of a man carrying a hoe on his back.

"Night Scene"

Watercolor scene  of three men sitting around fire at night.


Color scene of a mother performing a ritual for babies called 'ukubhomisa ingane'.


Color scene of a mother performing a douche known as 'ukuchatha' on her baby.


Color scene of a mother douching her baby, a process called 'ukuchatha'.


Color scene of a sangoma doing incision a patient, a process known as 'ukuchaza'.


Portrait of a male figure pooping on the veld.


Black and white series of plates with a scene of a Woman taking muthi in a form of 'Ukukhotha'.


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