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Ovambo Hairstyle

Traditionally the Ovambo tribes could be distinguished by their hairstyle. This woman is of the Ukualuthi has a style typical of her tribe.

Isophi Mahlangu

She is wearing the usual quota of beaded hoops, the ornament which typifies the 'Transvaal' Ndebele and is worn on neck, arms, weist and legs by women of all ages and stages. 

Ndebele Woman

Regular ornaments worn by a Ndebele woman are metal rings tightly fitted to her neck, wrist and ankles, surmounted by heavy hoops of beadwork on a core of grass or material. 

Lina Mtsweni

Ndebele from Middleburg area wears heavier necklaces, bracelets and anklets. Red and blue still being favourite colours. Head may be shaved to a variety of patterns. 

Ovambo Girl

Ovambo Girl (Ukuanyama) The unmarried girl of Ukuanyama group, after puberty rite, wears her hair in a red ochred "cap".

Courting Zulu

Courting Zulu Man



Dancing Youth

Dancing Youth - Kung "Bushman" Samgleiglei - South West Africa

Hlubi Mother

Hlubi mother - Nquthu Area - Zululand

Swazi Chief

Swazi Chief - Mbabane - Swaziland

Soaped Hair

Yellow soap lather is applied and left in a smooth cap for two to three weeks, and is done by male and female.


Mcakeni - Umfolozi - Zululand

Swazi Royal Wife

Hletshiwe Duba - Swazi Royal Wife - Mbabane Area

Tonga Girl

Tonga girl and her musical instrument Makwelane 

Master of Domba

Master of Domba - Bavenda - Sibasa

Zulu Warrior

Zulu Warrior - Nokenke - Zululand 

Expert Drummer

Expert drummer - Gwembe Valley, Zambesi

Herd Boy

Zulu herd boy from Jamesons Drift in 1961

Motherhood - Shangaan

Shangaan Mother - Duivelskloof

Shangaan Child

Shangaan child - From Nylstroom 1961 


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