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Pregnant Woman - AmaNgwane

Pregnant woman AmaNgwane

She wears a buck skin apron during her pregnancy 

Zulu Chief

Traditionally a Zulu chief was respected for his obesity, a sign of wealth and good living. 

Swazi Widow

Swazi Widow - Mbabane - Swaziland

Engaged Girl - Izingolweni

Engaged Girl - Cele Tribe - Izingolweni

Lina Molahlehi

Lina Molahlehi - Butha Buthe - Basutoland

A woman's blanket is always pinned on the chest as opposed to the man's, which is usually pinned on the right shoulder. 

Kubuta Bride - Swaziland

Kubuta Bride Swaziland 

The collar of cows tails is a Swazi feature, part of incwala dress. The knife is symbol of virginity.  


Swazi Head Ring

Swazi Head Ring - Mbabane  - Swaziland

Swazi head ring (Isidlodlo) is thicker than the Zulu ring and has no gloss. 


Zulu Married Woman - Eshowe

Zulu married woman traditionally lengthened her hair and build it into a topknot which grew with the years.

Recent Bride - Hluhluwe

Hluhluwe - Zululand

Recent bride wearing a bead veil in token of respect for in-laws as part of ukuhlonipha or "Respect"  custom.


Bird Dancer - Lozi

Mask with Guinea Fowl feathers used by Lozi boys to dance with during circumcision period. 



Mourning Dance - Tonga

Traditional head dress of the male mourner at a Valley Tonga funeral is of black cowstail mounted on a wire frame and decorated with a band of beadwork. Other ornaments are as worn for gala occassions

The Mfengu tribe of the Eastern Cape

The Mfengu tribe were traditionally refugees from the northern territories who found uncomfortable asylum from the Xhosa and suffered much under them as serf and slaves. 


Kweta - Initiation Custom - Western Pondoland 

This simple dress is worn during the seclusion period of circumcision school - A blanket, a reed mask, and complete covering of white clay.

Leader of Ntwane Girl's School

Leader of Ntwane girl's puberty school.

Maria Makhidhla

A young married woman of the Ntwane wears a distinctive hairstyle. 

The young bride also wears a brief smock, pink, a favourite color.

With marriage, she discards her grass neck hoops and replaces them with beaded ones. 

Young Girl - Western Pondoland

"Ntutu Udosi" Young girl - Western Pondoland

She wears white flared skirt of young girlhood.

"Naka" Flute

"Naka" Flute - Lovedu tribe - Modjadje Location

The Naka flute is not a solo instrument but represents one note in a series which played in a group. The complete set is called "Motaba"

Lina Tamana

The Pedi girl child wears the traditional forked rear skirt and of goat skin and the apron of red ochred string and twisted fibres.


Ndebele - Performing a dance 

Ndebele Gala Dress

Ndebele married woman attends a tribal function in her gala dress of which the most spectacular item is her richly beaded blanket.  


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