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Swazi Hut

Swazi huts are similar in shape to those of Zulu people but differ considerable in construction, the thatch being tied down with grass ropes plaited by women.


Lefa Mofokeng - Sotho

Herd boy - Leribe. His stick at his feet, the herd boy squats in characteristic attitude when watching his herds. Past early herd boy stage, he wears a bright new blanket. 














Daniel "Mafuking"

Daniel "Mafuking" - Butha Buthe - Basutholand

At this dignified age, he wears a plain blanket of quieter hue suitable to his dignity. 

Basotho Hut

Basotho Hut - Mamathes - Basotholand 

Lesiba Player

Lesiba Player - Mamathes - Basotholand

Marriagabe Age - Ndebele

Marriagable Age - Ndebele - Bronkhorstspruit - Transvaal 

She wears a fringed "Pepetu" or girls beaded apron. The back skirt of goatskin with a half-oval hemline, is surmounted by a heavy fringe of loose bead strands.

"Mcwasho" Dress - Swazi

Mcwasho Dress 

When the daughter of the Paramount Chief of Swaziland reaches puberty, an "Mcwasho" is called. Girls of her age group are summoned from the whole Swaziland to gather at a Royal Kraal.

Dress of Makhishi School

Bird of Makhishi School

The dress of this bird of Makhishi school, representing another version of traditional Guinea Fowl shows skillful use of bark cloth and fibre string. 

Basotho Huts

Basotho huts - Senekal Area - Orange Free State 

Amandebele of the Transvaal

Amandebele from Transvaal

The Ndebele also known as "Mapochs" are descendants of stragglers from the followers of the Zulu chief, Mzilikazi who quarreled with Shaka and trekked to northward to Rhodesia. 

Ovambo Tribe

Ovambo Tribe - South West Africa

Ovambo settlements are built on slightly higher ground, their conical roofed huts set in groups within palisades 


Ndebele Gala Dress

Ndebele Gala Dress. 

The married Ndebele woman may be recognised by a cut of her apron which is of soft goat skin, its lower edge finished off at each end with a square of skin and a fringe between. 

Male Initiation Dress - Ndebele

Male Initiation Dress - Ndebele


Obeisance - Puberty School

Obeisance - Puberty School - Bantwana

Tsonga "Witchdoctor"

Tsonga "Witchdoctor" - Inyameti Pans - Northern Zululand

Nalindele - Lozi dancer

Nalindele - Lozi dancer 

Nalindele is the traditional 'daring young maiden' of the Makishi dancer of Lozi circumcision school.

Likishi Dancer

LIKISHI - Lozi Circumcision School 

Initiation costume

Xhosa  - Khwetha dancing dress - Idutywa, Transkei 

Muhwira - Venda

Muwhira is recruiting officer of the Musebeto/ Sungwi, a circumcision school for girls, which operates secretly in chosen glade deep in the bush.

Swazi Girl - Kubuta

Swazi girl from Kubuta, Swaziland playing a musical instrument


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