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" Isibhaxela"

Black skirt with white beards, for an engaged to be married girl from Richmond/ Bhaca area in KwaZulu- Natal.

"Dancing Girl"

Bhaca dancing girl - Richmond 

"Hlonipha Veil"

Zulu Bride -  Hlonipha veil - Mid Ilovo

"Mcwasho" Dress - Swazi

Mcwasho Dress 

When the daughter of the Paramount Chief of Swaziland reaches puberty, an "Mcwasho" is called. Girls of her age group are summoned from the whole Swaziland to gather at a Royal Kraal.

"Naka" Flute

"Naka" Flute - Lovedu tribe - Modjadje Location

The Naka flute is not a solo instrument but represents one note in a series which played in a group. The complete set is called "Motaba"

"Sangorbe" Chabangu

"Sangorbe" Chabangu - Ndebele, Transvaal

"Witchdoctor" Apprentice

"Witchdoctor" Apprentice or Ithwasa

"Witchdoctor, Richmond"

"Witchdoctor, Richmond"

M. Dhlamini




Kweta - Initiation Custom - Western Pondoland 

This simple dress is worn during the seclusion period of circumcision school - A blanket, a reed mask, and complete covering of white clay.

Amandebele of the Transvaal

Amandebele from Transvaal

The Ndebele also known as "Mapochs" are descendants of stragglers from the followers of the Zulu chief, Mzilikazi who quarreled with Shaka and trekked to northward to Rhodesia. 

Basotho Hut

Basotho Hut - Mamathes - Basotholand 

Basotho Huts

Basotho huts - Senekal Area - Orange Free State 

Basotho Man

Basotho Man - Lesotho

Bavenda Obeisance

Bavenda Obeisance - Sibasa Area

Bhaca Bride

Bhaca Bride - Richmond - Natal

Bhaca Girl

Bhaca Girl 

Bhaca Ithwasa

Bhaca Ithwasa 

Bhaca Married Woman

Portrait of a Bhaca married woman

Bhaca Mother and Child

Bhaca mother her child 


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