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"Witchdoctor, Richmond"

"Witchdoctor, Richmond"

M. Dhlamini

Domba - Venda

Venda female initiation school (Domba)

Bhaca Ithwasa

Bhaca Ithwasa 

Bhaca Married Woman

Portrait of a Bhaca married woman



Bhaca Mother and Child

Bhaca mother her child 

Bhaca Sangoma

Bhaca Sangoma

Victory Blanket - Basotholand

Victory Blanket - Mamathes - Basutholand

A popular blanket made in Britain for Basotholand trade is the victory blanket, showing bombs and aeroplanes, with royal and victory symbol. 

Royal Visit Blanket - Basotholand

Royal Visit Blanket - Teyateyaneng - Basotholand

Several interesting commemoration Basotho blankets have been issued by blankets makers both overseas and in South Africa. Locally blankets portraying aeroplanes, ships, sphinx, Pyramids etc. 


Herero Woman - Windhoek

Herero Woman - Windhoek - South West Africa

Ovambo Girl

Ovambo Girl - UKUANYAMA


Sekukuni Mother

Sekukuni Mother - Manganeng - E. Transvaal 

Sangoma - Ndebele

Sangoma - Ndebele - Middleburg 


"Sangorbe" Chabangu

"Sangorbe" Chabangu - Ndebele, Transvaal

Night Riders

Night Riders - Basotholand 

"Witchdoctor" Apprentice

"Witchdoctor" Apprentice or Ithwasa

Female "Witchdoctor" - Xhosa

Female "Witchdoctor" or Igqirhakazi - Xhosa


Male "Witchdoctor" - Xhosa

Male "Whitchdoctor" or Igqirha - Xhosa

The term "Whitchdoctor" does not really apply. He is a seer who seeks supernatural aid when finding cure for his clients. 

Post Initiate - Basotholand

Post Initiate - Basutoland

A Basotho boy child spends his days in the fields herding cattle. But when he reaches puberty, he must endure gruelling circumcision rites which take place deep in the mountain in utmost secrecy.

Rain Hat - Basotholand

Rain hat - Teyateyaneng - Basotholand

The hat is of close weave and conical in shape as protection against rain. 


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