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" Isibhaxela"

Black skirt with white beards, for an engaged to be married girl from Richmond/ Bhaca area in KwaZulu- Natal.

Izintombi Plaque

Izintombi Wooden Plaque.

Sizakele and Celani

Sister wives Sizakele and Celani withe their babies.

Married Women Plaque

Plaque of Zul married women.

Masibis's Cape

Beaded wedding cape, belonging to Masibisi.

Khuze Men

Khuze men dressed for a wedding.

Mandimande Newlywed

Mandimande in her Makoti outfit: newlywed.

Mandimande's Wedding Outfit

Mandimande wearing her wedding outfit.


Photograph of Mancalane in her Makoti outfit, a newlywed woman.

Makhanya Sisters

The Makhanya sisters dressed for a wedding ceremony.

Khuze Engaged Woman

A young engaded Khuze women with beadwork that indicate her marital status.

'Intombi Plaque'

Wooden plaque of a young Zulu Maiden.

'A successful Forager'

Sketch of white soulder riding a horse after a successful hunt.

Basket Maker: Mpondo

Elderly Mpondo man making a basket while smoking his pipe.

Bhambhatha Rebellion: Bovril

The signature of Bovril during the Bhambahatha rebellion in 1906.

Xhosa Female Diviner: Igqirha

Portrait of a female Xhosa deviner: Igqirha.

Xhosa Girl: Intombi

Portrait of a Xhosa unmarried girl.

Xhosa Boy: Inkwenkwe

Portrait of a Xhosa boy: Inkwenkwe holding his fighting sticks.

Xhosa: Umkhwetha

Portrait of a Xhosa boy initiate.

Xhosa Man

Portrait of a Xhosa man smoking his pipe.


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