Azaria Mbatha

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Noah's Ark

Black and white scene of Noah's Ark.

The Story of Moses

Catalogue scene of the story of Moses.

"Joseph & Pharoah"

An abstract scene of Pharoah having a chat with Joseph.


An abstract scene of Elijah and his carriage.

Human figures & Animals.

An abstract scene of human figures and animals.


Scene of men visiting a Priest or Diviner.

"Mother & Child"

Scene of a mother and child.


Scene of a Traditional Chief adressing a meeting outside his royal house.


An abstract of a priest baptising members of his church.

"The Diviner"

An abstract of a male Diviner perfoming a ritual at a homestead.

The biblical story of Jesus of Nazareth "Birth of jesus"

The biblical story of Jesus of Nazareth

"Symbols of Love"

"Symbols of love"

"Jesus carrying a cross"

"Jesus carrying a cross, CC, DBN"

"Azaria Mbatha"

Azaria Mbatha

"Revelation of St John"

Revelation of St John

Abstract Animal and figures

Abstract Animal and figures

Revelation of St John

Revelation of St John

Joseph and Pharaoh's wife

Joseph and Pharaoh's wife



Samson and the Lion

Samson and the lion


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