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William Philip Schreiner

William Philip, Schreiner 1867-1919

Woman and her bicycle

Woman and her bicycle

Woman holding baby monkeys.

Woman holding baby monkeys.

Wooden bowl

Zulu wooden bowl with a lid. Carved bowl on legs with handles at both ends.

Wooden bowl

Zulu wooden bowl in an oval shape.

Wooden Dish

Round wooden food bowl, used by the Zulu tribe.

Wooden Ladle

Large Zulu wooden ladle, Oval in shape with burnt wood carvings.

Wooden Ladle

Spatula shape ladle with upper merging into the handle. Design: burnt edge and light wood.

Wooden plate

Circular wooden plate with four legs and a handle on the side

Wooden Pot

A carved Zulu pot in a shape of beer-pot with a lid. There is a carving on one side of a knife; shield and a spear. On the other side there is a bird.

Size: 26cm.

Wooden sieve

Wooden sieve with round deep handle. Holes on the spacula to strain liquids or beer.

Wooden spoon

Wooden carved spoon with a long handle. Light wood

Wooden spoon

Carved spoon with shallow spacula shape.Made in Zulu land

Wooden spoon

Long wooden spoon with a deep cone shape. Carved in the middle.

Wooden spoon

Zulu wooden spoon  with a round shallow handle.

Workers at beer factory

Workers at beer factory

Zulu young girls.

Zulu young girls carrying sticks.

Zulu Dish

Small wooden oval dish on legs with handles on both sides.

Zulu headrest

Zulu Headrest double fretwork 

Zulu maidens carrying shields.

Zulu maidens carrying shields


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