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" Isigqiki"

Small wooden carved headrest on two solid legs that are sitting on a straight smoothly carved wood. There are incisions on the legs.

" Ithunga"

Long wooden carved milk- pail with thick handles on each side and deeply carved triangles at the base.

" Zulu Wooden Spoon"

Wooden carved spoon with a deeply cut incisions on the handle.It belonged to the Tulwane Clan in Krantskop.


Long woden carved spoon with a flat handle from Nongoma.


Wooden carved spoon with a long handle that has incisions on it. It came from Nongoma in KwaZulu- Natal.

Domestic Life

A scene of a woman carrying a beer pot on the head, walking on  path while the cow is grazing on the grass. House, trees and mountaing in the background.

" Rasta man"

Black and white scene of a room with a television, radio and casettes. ( Type: Lead Pencil)

" Zulu Wooden Spoon"

Wooden carved spoon with a long handle that has a block in the middle. It belonged to the Mangwaneni clan from Estcourt in KwaZulu-Natal.

" Ithunga"

Long wooden carved milk-pail with two round handles on each side,

" Isithebe"

Wooden carved meat dish in a medium size with four short legs and two big handles on the sides. It was created as part of a school project in KwaZulu-Natal.

" Zakheleni"

Scene of a village, clusters of huts, school and mountains in the back ground. It is a pen and colour pencil painting.

" Ukhezo"

Large wooden  carved spoon/ ladle known as Isixwembe in isiZulu. It has incisions in the middle of the handle.

" Isigqiki"

Wooden carved headrest with three split legs. It has a glossy finish and incisions as design.

" Isigqiki"

Wooden carved small headrest on two solid legs that have incisions ( amasumpa).

" Ugqoko"

Wooden carved meat dish in a medium size. It has two triangular handles on the sides and was created as school project in KwaZulu-Natal.


A scene of rural village of homestead with trees. There are women carrying water pots, and a biy heading cows. 

Snuff container

Wooden carved snuff container in a horn design with small rectangular incisions on it. It can open and close and came from Vryheid in KwaZulu- Natal.


Pen and and colour pencil painting of huts between trees, there are mountains in the back ground.

Modern Home

Scene of a modern square house among trees. Pen and colour pencil painting.


Peaceful scene of a rural homestead with mountains in the background.


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