South Africa

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"Zulu, Natal"

"Zulu, Natal"

'At the end of the war' Cartoon of the Natal Convention by Rankin

Digital, cartoon

'Babu' King notes
'Evil City' makes first time winner

In October 1913 approximately 20,000 Indian workers joined Mahatma Gandhi's campaign of resistance against the South African government. This was a spontaneous outburst against terrible working conditions and a realisation that the£ 3 poll tax on free Indians meant perpetual indenture.

'Jug with Blue Flowers'

Digital, ramed reproduction 39 x 52cm

'Lost in the Stars" Act 1: Scene 12
'Lost in the Stars" Act 1: Scene 3
'n Toespraak deur Generaal Smuts
'Side Walk Cafe' by Vincent Van Gogh

Digital, framed reproduction 42 x 52cm

'The gentlemen of the lamps', Jock Leyden cartoon, hand drawn

Digital, framed cartoon, Paton Study

'Unto The I lift up mine eues, O through that dwellest in the heavens'

Digital, framed print, Paton Study

'We hope the bright will come"

Abstract of three figures looking at the sun

(Re) reading Kim: Defining Kipling's Masterpiece as Postcolonial
10. Statistical Information - Ownership of Fixed Property by Asiatic within City of Durban
153 Cowey Road, Durban


(Home of the Davies family)

18th Century bible desk

Ebony and yellowwood 18th century Cape bible desk, sloping front, inlaid with a star in ebony and ivory on stand with cross stretcher. 

18th century Dutch marquetry cabinet

18th century Dutch marquetry cabinet with gabled top and open section with two doors inlaid with panels of urns of flowers, the lower section with two drawers inlaid with oval and corner pieces of flowers and scrolls on a base with six octagonal legs with inlaid stretcher. 

1917 street market Victoria street

Indian traders trading on the street

1973 Durban Strikes

The Durban strikes of 1973, and the subsequent formation of new trade unions, were instrumental in causing the first seams of apartheid to break apart.


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