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Gandhi and co-operative commonwealth

The discovery of gold and diamonds hastened the incorporating of South Africa into the changing world economy. It fostered the shift from a pastoral to an industrial society........

What I owe to Mahatma Gandhi
Letter from Gandhi to Lord Ampthill

Gandhi letters in South Africa 1902 - 1928

Challenges of the 21st Century an Outline
Bibliography: Mahatma Gandhi
Bibliography: Gopalkrishna Gandhi


Article on Gandhi - Draft

Gandhi - the myths behind the legend By 1904, South Africa's coloured and Indian communities had started a slow journey towards political had at last found to champion their other a doctor awareness.....











A Tribute to Gandhi, by the Hindu Students Association.

Like all great historical figures, MAHATMA GANDHI was a very controversial man. His philisophy of life and his religious practices stemmed largely from.....

Small Street Mall

Small Street Mall.

Brian Whittaker

Brian Whittaker - Programmes Director. 

Sam Van Coller

Sam Van Coller, Managing director designate. 

Jan Steyn, Chairman of the Urban Foundation 1977.

Jan Steyn, Chairman of the Urban Foundation 1977.

Protesting Students in 1976.

Protesting students in 1976.

Professor Lawrence Schlemmer

Professor Lawrence Schlemmer

Frank Cauldwell

Frank Cauldwell, Executive director, policy and programmes.

Interior, St. Patrick's Church.

Interior, St. Patrick's Church.


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