South Africa

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Old Market Street, Bristol.

Old Market Street, Bristol.

First Street, Salisbury.

First Street, Salisbury. 

Salisbury Public Gardens

Salisbury Public Garden. 

Holyrood Palace

Holyrood Palace, Edinburgh. 

Amos Family

Amos Family Photographs.

Ham Woods

Ham Woods, Richmond. 

Rough Sea, Llandudno.

Rough Sea, Splash Corner, Llandudno.

R. C. A Building.

R. C. A Building.

Ostende Cathedral

Ostende Cathedral.

Boar Lane

Boar Lane, Leeds.

Scene of fire, Merchant Venturer's College.

Scene of fire, Merchant Venturer's College. Bristol. 6 September 1906.

Collapse of the Grand Parade

Collapse of the Grand Parade - Weston - Super - Mare 10 September 1903. 

Sinking of the Bluecher

Sinking of the Bluecher. Bluecher turned over and floated for ten minutes with number of crew walking on her side.

Holy Trinity

Holy Trinity - Doynton.

Bluhende Dornbusche

Bluhende Dornbusche - Sud-West Africa.

Bishop's Palace

Wells. Bishop's Palace. Ruins in Grounds.

"Lover's Leap"

Lover's Leap, Buxton. 

East Clevedon

East Clevedon, Swiss Valley.

The Bay

The Bay.

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