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Warwick Avenue

Market relocated to Warwick Avenue in 1934. 84. 40. ... Beerhalls were soon built in other towns of Natal

Wartburg Press book review
Wartburg Press book review

Warship - Amos family photograph. 

WARA/African languages and literatures
War Memorial

War memorial Grahamstown

War between Boers and Zulus

War between Boers and Zulus

War against the Zulus

The surprise: War against the Zulus, 1879.

Wanstead Park Parade.

Wanstead Park Parade. Forest Gate.

Wanstead Park Parade.

Wanstead Park Parade. Forest Gate.

Wanderer's Field

Cricket at the Wanderer's Field

Walter T Hall

Black and white print 18.2 x 13.2cm

Walter Sisulu and friends at the Gandhi, Luthuli, King, Mandela Exhibition
Walter Sisulu

Wallafahrtskirche - Austria. 

Wall Cupboard

Cape 18th Century Wall Cupboard - Two doors - Teak + Yellow wood

Wale Ogunyemi

The Indians were sent to work on the sugar cane fields, railways or to work as special servants, ayahs (Nannies) for the White children, waiters or cooks. The Indians lived in atrocious conditions , their wages were low and sometimes they were not paid.

Wages salaries packages press cuttings
Wage rates in various industries


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