South Africa

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AYS School

Class photograph

Clairwood Junior boys school

Photos from "How We Live"

Pupils at St. Anthonys' School (Std. 7).

St Anthony's School

Pupils at S. R. S. Primary School - now demolished - 6/6/1958.

SRS Primary School

Pupils at S. R. S. Primary School - now demolished - 6/6/1958.

SRS Primary School

Inspectors about to leave.

School inspectors at a school meeting

Umgeni Govt. Indian School - June 1952.

Umgeni Government School

Clare Estate Govt. Aided Indian School.

Indian Government Aided School

Staff of Umgeni Primary School.

Staff group photograph of the Umgeni Primary School

Foundation stone laying

School Foundation laying ceremony

St Michaels Indian Platoon School opened

Staff and guest at the opening of the St Michaels School

Dundee High School

Ground and buildings at Dundee High School

Motor workshop Cliarwood High School

Students in the motor workshop at Clairwood High

Mountview High School Opening

New school in the Verulam suburb - Mountview School

Pre-school education

Pre-school children in the classroom

Platoon system at school

A system in which two sets of pupils and teachers use the same school for half a day each. A system in which pupils use classrooms in rotation, being taught outside for the rest of the time.

Platoon system at schools

A system in which pupils are split into groups and undertake separate classes or activities, especially (in earlier use) in rotation, so that a longer school day might include periods of exercise, vocational work.

Old Indian School

Image of an old school building

Library Counter

Image of the school library

School - Children on the playground

Children in the school grounds


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