South Africa

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Under 15 - Soccer Team, Sastri College

Under 15 Soccer team photograph

Under 17 Soccer team at Sastri College

Under 17 Soccer team photograph

Under Caesar Hill

Sepia print 7.4 x 10.4cm

Underhill letters: 1928-1931
Underhill letters: Under fusion 24 February 1935 to 13 August 1939
Underhill letters: war years 24 September 1939 to 6 May 1945
Understanding Poetry: An Introduction
Understanding the Dynamics of Social Control in Rural South Africa:Traditional Leaders and the Allocation of Development Resources in KwaZulu-Natal
Uneducating South Africa : the failure to address the need for human capital - a - 1910 - 1993

This paper presents some detailed historical time series on the South African schooling system since union in 19 10. As such it represents an exercise that to our knowledge has not been undertaken before, with the

Unemployment in South Africa

This paper is an extension of work undertaken by the present writer in 1983 on "The Growth and Structure of Manufacturing Employment in Natal".

Unequal Education

Amos family photograph. 


This study focuses on Durban's Grey Street mosque, built by Indian Memon migrants in 1880. This review of the first half-century of the mosque's existence underlines the important social role of mosques, and also questions the notion of homogeneous Muslim community.

Unidentified boer War Memorial

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Unification - The Asiatic Difficulty

Unification - The Asiatic Difficulty

Uniforms - Royston's Horse, 1906

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Union Castle lines

Union Castle Linw to South africa

Union Castle lines

 Union Casle line

Union Castle lines

Union  Cssltle line

Union Castle lines

 Union -Castle Royal Mail


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