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Gandhi in South Africa 1893-1914

MOHANDAS KARAMCHAND GANDHI, who was born at Porbandar (Sudamapuri) in India on 2 October 1869, qualified as a barrister in England· in 1891. Two years later his professional services were engaged by Abdul Karim Jhaveri, a Durban trader, in a £40,000 lawsuit against a rival firm in Pretoria.

Gandhi in South Africa

Serious bio•raphical research on Mohandas K, Gandhi remains in, a fairly primitive condition. Louis Fischer's.........

Gandhi and the Tamils

Writing in Indian Opinion on February 6, 1909, on the progress of the Satyagraha, Gandhiji said: The Tamils have surpassed all expectations. All their leaders are now in Gaol. Now-a-days, imprisonment is not merely for a week, but for.......

Gandhi and Indians in South Africa

THE battle to abolish the law barring Indians from living in the Free State - an issue which became a heated one in Parliament........


Mixed articles on Gandhi 1946

Opening of Imperial Parliament ......................

Books on Gandhi in UDW library
Tributes to Gandhi from the Unpublished book on the ""Life of Gandhi""
STATE OF THE WORLD Emerging Trends and Concerns
Sushila Gandhi (1907-1988) - Guardian of Gandhian traditions in South Africa

When Mahatma Gandhi left South Africa in 1914 he left a very significant legacy to Indian South Africans, an ideology of resistance

Economic organisation, Entrepreneurship and State Mediation
Priyanka Gandhi - Biography 1997-1998

NEW DELHI. - The daughter of India's most prominent political family is free to go ahead with her wedding next.......

" Natal Indian Congress - 90 proud years 1894 to 1984"

THE Natal Indian Congress origins trace back to 1893 when as a recentlyqualified young lawyer, Mohandas.......

Phoenix settlement - Its significance

April 1895 Gandhiji visited the Mariannhill monastery near Pinetown which was started by a Trappist, Father Francis Pfanner. He was impressed by this little settlement of.....

Nehru and Gandhi Bandung conference 1955

ASIAN and African nations this week commemorate the 50th anniversary of the 1955 Bandung conference....

Mahatma Gandhi birth celebration

EVERY year on this day celebrations are held all over the world to observe the birth of Mahatma Gandhi. In South Africa too.....

Mahatma Gandhi newsaper cutting

After the South African War, Gandhi enrolled himself as an advooate of the Supreme Court.........

Life of Mahatma Gandhi in South Africa.

Came to South Africa in response to an offer from Abdulla and Co to work as their lege,l adviser.......

White People Strike Against Nationalists.

White People Strike Against Nationalists.

Black People Strike 1952.

Malan's bid to take political power from non-whites.

Torch Commando Demand Government's Resignation.

Torch Commando Demand Government's Resignation. 


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