South Africa

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Building under Construction & completed building

Image of a school building

Building under Construction & completed building

Indian school building

Building of the Victoia Stret New Market

The New Victoria Street Market

Building of the new Victoria Street Market

Ariel view of the New Victoria Street Market

Building Bhawani Dayal Statue
Build Congress Bulletin No.2

The next Provincial Conference of the Natal Indian Congress will.......

Buff Plymouth Rock Cock

Buff Plymouth Rock Cock (Heavy breed)

Budree Ahu
Budget: Sponono American tour
Buddhist Retreat Centre

The Buddhist Retreat Centre is an inclusive resort and meditation centre located near Ixopo, in Kwazulu-Natal Province, South Africa.

Buddhism - Display

Perched on a ridge at the head of a valley in the Umkomaas river system in KwaZulu-Natal

Btirish sangaras on NTaba'nyama range near Spion Kop. Spion Kop area

Sepia print 5.7 x 17.7cm faded at edges

Brushing Teeth
Brown Afrikander

Brown Afrikander - Gladiolus Maculutus Sweet.

Broken family ties
Broad - Tailed Paradise Widow Birds

Broad - Tailed Paradise Widow Birds.

British War Graves Spion kop Soldiers Anglo Boer War 1899 to 1902

The Second Boer War took place between 1899 to 1902 between the South African Republic and the Orange Free State and the British Kingdom. Immediate cause of the war was the many years’ tension between the Dutch farmers and the British after the First Boer War.

British Soldiers on open train at docks Durban

Soldiers depart from the Port of Durban

British soldiers in action

Sepia print 10.1 x 7.4cm faded

British soldiers in action

Sepia print 9.9 x 7.2cm faded


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