South Africa

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Vacancy for the psot of Jesus Christ
Vacancies and adverts press cuttings
V. Naik - oldest member & Ex - President
V. M. Joklaker welcomes Dr. N. B. Desai

The South African Gujarati Maha Parishad

V. M. Joklaker at a service to Community

The South African Gujarati Maha Parishad

V S Naipaul, September 11, and the nobel
V Chockalingam Pillai correspondence




Ustad Ravi on-Sitar
Using the Past - Myth and History in Simon's Town

The fieldwork upon which this paper is based was carried out between 1970 and 1975 with the financial support of the University of Cape Town.....

Used as a Christmas card: Compliments of the Season

Sepia print 17.7 x 14.2cm

USAID in Africa - 2002 - 2005

News, Updates, and Resources from the U.S. Agency for International Development USAID Supports the Global Polio Fight.....

USAID in Africa Fall 2002

USAID in Africa Fall 2003

USAID in Africa Spring 2003

USAID in Africa Summer 2003

USAID in Africa Summer 2004

Urgency Report of the General Purpose Committee

That the recommendation of the Finance Committee contained in Section 1 of the Report be and it is hereby adopted.......

Urban Violence and the Textures of Everyday life in Post-apartheid South Africa

There is a great deal of literature on crime and violence in post-apartheid South Africa.

Urban Planning & the Informal Sector
Uprooting, Re-rooting:Culture, Religion and Community among Indentured Muslim Migrants in Colonial Natal, 1860–1911

This article considers issues relating to religion and culture among Indian Muslims in Natal which imported 152 184 indentured workers from British India between 1860 and 191 1.

Upper Saxony

Upper Saxony 

Up-To-Date Statistical Analysis of the Passive Resistance Campaign 1946-1948

Up-To-Date Statistical Analysis of the Passive Resistance Campaign 1946-1948

Unveiling the Alan Paton plaque, 19 Pine Street, Pietermaritzburg before the guests arrived

Colour print 9 x 12cm original

Unveiling of the bust of Alan Paton, main library, University of Natal, Pietermaritzburg, Mr V Harrison, Mrs M Nuttall, Mrs Isabel Dent and Mr Alan Paton

Black and white print


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