South Africa

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Women working on the Cane fields

Cutting cane in 40 cm sets.

Less privileged women who had to work in the fields or move about as ... In the case of one woman who set fire to cane-fields on the Natal ...

Women picketers outside Rondebosch Town Hall

Black and white print 29.6 x 25.6

Women Passive Resisters

The passive resistance movement of 1946-48 is well documented. Yet, in the vast corpus of historical literature the role of women as a viable political ...

Women of the Aeroplanes
Women in Sarrie
Women feeding her baby

Painting of a women feeding her baby

Women carrying a basket full of fruit and vegetable going to the market to sell

Indian trader


"Women with animal skins on their heads are killing this one for her money" 

Woman standing in the door of her house in Meran

Black and white print 24.1 x 19.2cm

Woman in white robe
Woman holding baby monkeys.

Woman holding baby monkeys.

Woman dressed in Indian bridal outfit

Indian bride

Woman dancing to the beat of drumming

Painting of a woman dancing to the beat of drumming

Woman and child outside their tent, Limehill or Meran

Black and white print 24.1 x 19.4cm

Wole Soyinka, one round table discussion in Bangladesh and many identical views
Without fanfare, a fine novel
Witchdoctor Necklace

"Witchdoctor necklace"

Wiseman Khuzwayo Report
Wisconsin African Studies news and notes, issue no. 33 and 55


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