South Africa

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The Long View: The long arm of Persecution, Contact vol 9, no.2
The Long View: The Ndamse Affair, Contact vol 9, no. 1
The Long View: Waiting for Robert, Contact July 1996
The Lutheran Church, Cato Ridge.

The Lutheran Church, Cato Ridge.

The M I D S. Newsletter (12/04/1957) -Vol. 4 No. 1

New Letter of the Methodist Government Aided Indian School

The Making of "Indianess": Indian Politics in South Africa During the 1930s and 1940s

The years 1914 to 1949 were witness to rapid and extensive change in the social and
material conditions of Indians. The transformation of the majority of lndians to an urban-based
proletariat presented them with new challenges as well as additional choices of group

The making of a political reformer: Gandhi in South Africa, 1893-1914

This Study Offers Perspectives That More Accurately Situate Gandhi`S Role In South Africa`S History. The Focus Is On The Religious And Cultural Orientation Of His Compatriots Seeking To Add With This New Dimension To A Better Understanding Of The Making Of A Social Reformer.

The Man, the Issue, and the Beloved Country
The Man, the Issue, and the Beloved Country
The manifesto of circles

The manifesto of circles

The Mariathal Mission, Ixopo.

The Mariathal Mission, Ixopo - Natal

The Marquard Letters
The May 2008 Xenophobic Violence in South Africa: Antecedents and Aftermath

This article revisits the May 2008 xenophobic attacks in South Africa in order to grapple with key questions around the causes of xenophobia in South Africa, measures that can be taken to address xenophobia and ways in which diverse but inclusive communities can be built.

The Mayors seat

The Mayors seat signal hill

The Mechanics of Change
The Mfengu tribe of the Eastern Cape

The Mfengu tribe were traditionally refugees from the northern territories who found uncomfortable asylum from the Xhosa and suffered much under them as serf and slaves. 

The Middle of the Road
The Missionary Gene in the Kenyan Polity: Representations of Contemporary Kenya in the British Media
The Mouth of Cora River

The mouth of Cora river, Galekaland, 19 May 1878.


Pietermaritzburg Moharam festival


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